Summary of arrests today, Tuesday, February 22, 2022 so far:

Algiers: The arrest of Sheikh Ali Ben Haj and university students Anya Menad, Cyrine Menad, Yasmine Ben Adon and Zine El-Din Talhi.
Saeeda: The arrest of Qwaider Becharf and Mokhtar Sharif.
Bouira: Judy Mohamed arrested.
Mostaghanem: Dalilah Touat, her elderly mother, and a teacher were arrested, and I could not get her name (they were released except for the teacher)
Bejaia: arrests from the march, among the names:
Omar Ait Laarabi, Hamza Hammour and Samir Sharat are waiting to get the rest of the names. And the arrest of a university bus heading from Qutb Abdo to Qutb Targa Azmoro, and the transfer of those on it to the police station. Among the arrested students were Yuba Ait Haddad and Ishaq Issani. And the arrest of Hoda Hoda on her way to the state of Bejaia.
Tizi Ouzou : The arrest of both Malik is free and Ahsan Masoudi is waiting to get the rest of the names.
Tlemcen: the arrest of a group of citizens, including Kharboush Abdel Ilah
Oran: Wael Amtir was arrested this morning (he was released)

Copied from the activist….. Nasro_chergui…..

***Confirming testimonies from the family members taken by SHOAA for Human Rights.


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